Our Quality Commitment

We are fully aware that buying a car which is 6000km away involves a very high level of trust to the partner in charge of making this happen. Therefore, we strive to guarantee a purchase in an absolute serenity for every customer, as our track record for the past 9 years shows, we have been very pleased to help more than 600 fans who wanted to acquire a little piece of America in their Europeans homes.

How do we do this ?

We run our activity where the products are located, in America, therefore we personally inspect and check carefully every aspect (physical conditions, mechanical, paperworks, traceability…) before we move forward with a car. We pick cars with a clean Carfax, and only those!

We are here to guide you and advice you, therefore we will be your partner in the operation of picking the car that you have been dreaming of.

We base our approach on listening to your wills, help you define what fits best with your project and we do our best to make sure that you get what you wanted, and even better…

We have a network of partners carefully selected with which we have developed sustainable and trust-based relationships: professional dealers, garages, transport companies…

Our competitive edge

Our localization in Canada and our network of partners in the US gives us a competitive advantage to offer the best price to our customers. Indeed, we have the ability to find the best deals on both markets depending on the desired product and the context but also we can take into account the exchange rate (USD or CAD /€).

We have the opportunity to pick and purchase the best from those two markets. Currently we can offer to our customers the possibility to benefit from the excellent exchange rate with the Canadian Dollar (around 1.5 $ for 1 euros)

As a concrete exemple if you have a budget of 20 000 € you will get around 30 000 $ CA compared to « only » 22 000 $ US

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